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Project Description
Small project that enables Intergraph GeoMedia® GDO geometry manipulation directly inside sqlserver 2005+
- convert geometry GDO blob <-> WKB
- convert geometry GDO blob <->WKT
- function to maintain extra 4 geomedia columns _xlo, _yl, _xhi, _yhi
- some validations of geometry available

Project source code is depended on Petra.Gis

#1 major update - WKT performance. Original source of Petra.Gis.DataServices.WKT.GeometryFactory was focused to geometry text format validation and best possible Regex code readibility. However this approach is not generally appliable and sometimes WKT load speed rules.

Originally Regex expressions were not compiled (big performance sin) and also contains a lot of *,[], {} expression and named captures, which makes them slow.

In specific case, where WKT is not used for data import and inistead generates geometry (eg. in view that creates new geometry from existing data) from database, WKT expression is always reliable and valid. View or procedure needs to create geometries from text as fast as possible.

For such situation new function Wkt2GdoBlobBulk were added to library. It uses much faster, but also more strict Regex expressions. This function gives aprox 600% performance boost on WKT parse. All regexes are compiled now, so even in non bulk mode there is aprox 20% performance growth.

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