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Sqlserver sqlSpatialUtils for GeoMedia GDO sqlServer data warehouses

sqlGeometryUtils is .NET assembly (DLL) that converts spatial (geometric) data between different formats of physical storage in a model of the OGC SFS base.

Assembly has been created as projectWare for FMI (Forest management institute of Czech republic) so source code contains somehow their signature (mostly UHUL). Some anotations remains in Czech as well as this code is distibuted to customer.

Assembly handles geometry, expressed for example as a database blob (an array of bytes) to formated strings and vice versa. The text (character string) is the geometric data is stored and read in WKT format, see, specifications for OLE SFS or SFS for SQL. The library also provides conversion of data in binary form between proprietary Intergraph GDO and open WKB format. Both of these conversion functions can be combined and perform any data conversion required.

see more detailed description here

Hybrid Database on sqlServer2008

Library can also be easily used for the operation of hybrid systems. For example, if required data storage can remain in WKB format and present in Intergraph GeoMedia Webmap®. Data can be physically stored in WKB format (for example, by Topol) or even in sqlServer 2008 spatial and with views using the library and create GeoMedia® metadata present in the GeoMedia® products. Library performance is optimized for such operations.

Source code note

Source code is maintained with Visual C# 2010 Express.

!!! To be able to compile Petra.Gis source must download first !!!

just place Petra.Gis and sqlGeometryUtils folders into same folder on your local drive, then open sqlGeometryUtils and compile. Petra.Gis source code is linked into this project. This seems to be easier for maintenance than satelite assemblies where some problems occurs.

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